Virtual Scribe

Our Scribes Connected in Real-Time

Our virtual scribe service is an extremely cost efficient solution for any practice.  The virtual scribe will save valuable provider documentation time, allowing providers to spend more time with patients.  The virtual scribe costs less than traditional scribe services, will not be plagued by turnover, and is convenient to use – it can be used anywhere.  Additionally virtual scribes are fully trained on the individual EMR / EHR before the service is deployed.  Furthermore, the service, because it utilizes our advanced technologies and the efficiencies they enjoy, is extremely rapid in terms of document creation.  Record entry can be done in real-time or near real-time through speech recognition, even in an EMR setting.  Coding, which includes PQRS/MACRA/MIPS, can also be done in near real-time through the instantaneous extraction process of our Automated Coding product.

Our company is committed to providing you with highly trained and efficient virtual scribe.

To give you the chance to get to know us, we offer a 7-day free trial for all medical transcription services. We will transcribe all of your dictated notes and enter them into your EMR – all for free and without obligation.