Speech Recognition

Automated Speech Recognition (ASR)

We offer a highly accurate speech recognition technology that is near instantaneous, as conversion of audio to text takes place within 60 seconds or less, and is applicable to any industry, aside from the medical and legal industries.  Similar to our computer assisted coding technology product and transcription services, this product is extremely easy to use and is supported by comprehensive training and daytime customer service / technical support.

The user can log into our automated speech recognition website and upload dictations or they can be set up to have dictations uploaded from a computer or device automatically.   This product is a less expensive version of our full service for those clients wishing to use our proprietary speech recognition engine in bulk without the standard use of our trained transcription staff for reviewing and editing your documents.  We offer a super fast turnaround time.  This is an extremely cost effective solution available to channel partners, large institutions or anyone doing bulk processing of audio to text transcription for any usage. This solution is a 95% accurate solution (without our editors reviewing documents) and it will perform up to 99% accuracy with training and depending on an acceptable audio environment and the clarity of speakers.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and we would be happy to offer a demonstration.

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