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The Dictation Source Provides Hyper-Accelerated, Accurate Clinical Documentation through an Advanced Platform that Deploys Automation.  A Qualified Staff, Trained in all Specialties, Enables us to Provide you with the Most Cost Effective and Accurate Output.

Medical Transcription Services

  • Highly accurate, HIPAA compliant, and Fast Turnaround
  • Unlimited, secure storage of documents
  • Reduced dictation time through macros, unlimited use of templates
  • EMR entry done manually or through HL7 interface
  • Real-time tracking and reporting of all documents
  • Auto-delivery to referring physicians via email/fax/print
  • Expertise in every medical specialty
  • Low pricing – no start-up fees, no minimum or termination fees
  • 7 day free trial

Medical Coding Services

  • Instantaneous, accurate coding of any medical document in every billing standard, including ICD 10, HCPCS, CPT’s, DRG and E&M.
  • Self-learning through artificial intelligence increases accuracy
  • Optimizes Service Level Summaries and visit reimbursement by area without risk of overcoding
  • Fully HIPAA compliant and secure
  • Automated PQRS, MACRA and MIP calculation
  • Interface with any EMR/EHR
  • Real-time Comprehensive reporting providing audit documentation

Medical dictation software


  • Highly accurate speech recognition technology
  • Supportive of ANY industry and any office function, including immediate transcription of voicemail, meetings, conference calls and more.
  • Conversion of audio to text takes place within 60 seconds or less
  • Artificial Learning increases accuracy
  • Industry leading low prices

Virtual Scribe medical


  • Real-time transcription and EMR entry during patient visit
  • Coding and PQRS done by our scribes who are supported by our coding automation technology
  • Interface set up on secure private messenger apps on a phone or tablet
  • No training required; our virtual scribes are fully trained on every EMR from day one
  • More economical and cost-effective than traditional scribe services and without personnel turnover



99% Plus Accuracy
Unlimited Macros & Templates
Every Medical Specialty
IPhone, Android, Digital Recorder, 800 # Dial-In

Add Rule_100

Real Time Reporting
Next Morning Delivery
1-4 Hour STAT
Online Editing Capability
Electronic Signature

Web Shield 100

Highest Security Standards
256-Bit Encryption
HIPAA Compliant
Unlimited Secure Storage

Move by Trolley 100

Secure Email, Fax or Auto-Print
Integrate into any EMR / EHR / PACS
HL7 Interface

Customer Support_100

Reduced Pricing by Automation
No Start-Up or Minimum Fees
Live Customer Service 24/7/365
7-Day Free Trial


Instantaneous, Accurate Document Coding
Any Billing Standard including ICD 10 and CPT
Self-Learning A.I. System
Optimize Reimbursements
Automate PQRS, MACRA, MIP Calculations

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